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march: Need Help/Information/benzodiazepines

Verfasst: Sonntag, 29.03.20, 14:58
von march
I am trying to help my son who took a mix of xanax and valium for 8 days. He took 3 -4 for 6 days and then about 8 for the last 2 days.
Friday, March 27, he told me he wanted me to help him stop. He had 4 valium and he mixed other drugs and had a bad reaction. The next day, Saturday, March 28, he had 6 valium and weed but he was able to sleep and eat. Today, Sunday, March 29, we talked about him having 5 valium.

All of the information I have found seems to be based on people who have long term use of the drug - not just 8 days.
My son is scared of withdrawals and so with the information from long term users, we thought tapering for two weeks would make sense.
Now I thinking that's not a good idea since he only took the drug for 8 days -
I wondered if he can just move quickly down to 3 and then 1 so that he doesn't have the benzo in his system so long.
What does taking benzos for 8 days require in order to stop?

Can someone help me to sort out a reasonable plan to help him not have withdrawals too badly while stopping benzos?

Re: March: Need Help/Information

Verfasst: Sonntag, 29.03.20, 16:18
von Murmeline
Hello March,

Maybe someone here will write you, but most of the members are not used to write in english. Maybe you may try an English speaking community.

This one is about Benzos, too:

Greetings from Murmeline

Re: March: Need Help/Information

Verfasst: Montag, 30.03.20, 1:49
von carlotta
Hello March,

welcome to ADFD!

The benzo withdrawal section on is only for members who are logged in, so to get access to the information there, you have to create an account.

Another source of information plus community in your mother tongue is the following:

What would be important to know for people in order to support your son:
Was it the first time he took benzos? For what purpose?
Did he already take other psychotropic drugs?
What were the exact doses he took (in mg, not just the number of tablets)?

Kind greatings

Re: March: Need Help/Information

Verfasst: Montag, 30.03.20, 9:28
von Jamie
Hallo march,

welcome here :).

Your son has which age?

The amount of taken tablets is high, far too high for a person who is not used to tranquilizers.
Why did the taking explode this way?
It´s dangerous because benzodiazepines can cause addiction.

Can you, as carlotta asked, write the mg of a tablet? Both xanax as well as valium?

It´s important not to mix with other drugs, the side effects and interactions can´t be overlooked.

Kind regards